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I am an English born Artist now living over here in Western Australia. I was born in Plymouth England and spent my childhood growing up in cornwall. I have always been a creative person from an early age and knew this is want I wanted to get out of life. I went on to get my BA (hons) Fine Art at Plymouth University and then followed with my MA Illustration at kingston University London. London was a brilliant place to study, as I had all the great galleries near by and would often sit and look at  the paintings of the great masters in the national Gallery and Tate. After spending 5 years in london I moved to Cornwall, where I was inspired by the landscape.  I also set up my own successful Art Gallery at the Barbican in Plymouth, so people could view and purchase my work.


I decided to make the big move to Western Australia when Myself and Husband came over here on holiday and was blown away by the beautiful Australian landscape and the amazinging colours the sun casts over the land. I also liked the scale you could see when looking at the landscape. This is when I decided where I felt my next chapter was in my Art and life. I decided to make bridgetown my home town, as it is such a beautiful and friendly place. I love the art vibe here and there is so such inspiration for me when I look at the landscape. I have already had the opportunitly to display one of my paintings in the 2020 exhibition at the rabbit Hole, Which was brilliant.   


In my paintings I like to capture the sublime and beautiful what I feel when I look at the amazing landscape. I then like to give it a modern contemporary twist and let my imagination have some control over the canvas that I paint on. In my landscapes I like to entice the viewer in by creating depth and dimenson and with the forever disappearing horizon line, which you never seem to reach.


Through studying Fine Art and Illustration I like to combine the two, Which gives my landscapes a different feel. I like to create colour and mood in each painting. I also like to play and experiment around colours as they can can create different atosphere in my paintings. Also skies are important to me, as they can capture a mood in itself.


Painting to me is away to escape for a while. I look back at my paintings and I think of where I was in my life when I painted them, some of them good times and some of them bad times.  When I paint I like to lose myself in the canvas. Its not about the pressures of every day life,  but about the enjoyment I get from the painting and hopefully the enjoyment others will get from my work.


Moving forward after these difficult times we are all facing will be challenging. One good thing for me is that I have been able to paint, which has mentally helped me through.  Thats the thing I love about art, as it can be such a medicine to the mind in producing, as well as looking at. I am in the process of painting a flower painting at the moment where I am trying to capture that depth into the horizon line, but I also want to move onto more about the landscape here in bridgetown. My art studio is not the largest however I have plans to expand into a dedicated art studio. so watch this space.